“Sell Coutinho and Buy Costa and Vin Dijk with the Money” – WTF??!!

I’ve seen a few pundits weighing into the Coutinho debate and saying that selling Coutinho is good business. They say that we would be better off taking the money and using it on Costa and Van Dijk and that the fans would be happy with this … What a load of bollocks.

  1. Van Dijk is not related to the sale of Coutinho. We’ve been after him all summer. There is no way that the fans will see that the sale of Coutinho is required to make this happen. It should have happened already.
  2. Costa is a shit bag man child who has been causing trouble in Chelsea for the last year who has shown no desire to play for Liverpool. He has, however, shown plenty of desire to go to China for big money and now wants to go back to Atletico Madrid.

What a fantastic bit of business this would be. Someone we should have already, plus somebody who doesn’t want to join us, in exchange for our best player.

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